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Experience the power of hypnosis to help create a healthier lifestyles (stop smoking, weight loss and control, stress reductions) or heal from past experiences and unexplained causes (overcome phobias, life trauma, PTSD, grief).   Sessions can be scheduled with any of our hypnotists by request.

What Is Hypnosis Used For

Private Sessions

Private sessions are available from any of our hypnotists based on availability.  All programs include a 30 minute free consultation.  Fees are due prior to conducting any hypnosis session.  Sessions are not covered by insurance.  Sessions are generally 30-45 minutes.  Most programs require a minimum of 3 sessions or more depending on program area and client goals.   Sessions start at  $75 per session.

Group Sessions

Group sessions are available both as scheduled events or by request. Topics include:

  • Guided Relaxation/Stress Reduction 
  • The Power of Self-Hypnosis
  • Creating a Healthier You- Weight Loss
  • Happy to be Smoke Free



RN Overcomes Test Anxiety
Bonnie Slykhuis has tremendously impacted my life with her hypnosis services. After being unsuccessful at passing my nursing boards, I was frustrated and confused on what or where to go next. My nursing instructor recommended I schedule an appointment with Bonnie to address my testing anxiety. Unsure but determined to pass my NCLEX exam, I nervously scheduled an appointment. Bonnie eased some of my anxiety by explaining how hypnosis worked, what to expect, and addressing questions and concerns I had about it before the actual hypnosis took place.

I was given a hypnosis recording to listen to on my own. We met several times over the next month until a week before my exam. The sessions and the audios taught me how to relax my body and subconscious mind on my own. The different approaches helped me to engage different relaxation techniques and feel more comfortable with hypnosis. Each session helped build my confidence which reflected in my ability to successfully answer practice test questions. I was taught to pause, sit back, close my eyes, and take 2 deep breaths. This allowed my mind to stop and refocus when I felt frustrated or overwhelmed on a question. As a result I learned how to not feel overwhelmed during my exam.

The night before my big exam and I was a nervous wreck. Prior to going to bed I listened to the Mp3 hypnosis recording. This was a great reminder that I was going to be successful and was going to pass.

On test day I was super anxious but I utilized the techniques I had learned throughout my exam to stay relaxed, focused and to successfully answer each question. A few days after the exam I received my results. I felt so proud of myself when I saw PASSED on the screen.

Before being hypnotized I suffered from bad testing anxiety. After gaining knowledge and giving it a try I would tell people to give it a chance. Thank you Bonnie Slykhuis for being able to provide me with this wonderful hypnosis experience.

–Olivia Olson, RN

Cured of Cheek-Biting
As long as I can remember I have had a bad habit of biting the inside of my cheek. I find myself doing it when I am stressed, bored, etc., basically all of the time. Most of the time I am completely oblivious that I am doing it. Over the years I have tried different ways to break the habit, but no success. I have known Jenny for years. As my chiropractor she has helped me with chiropractic care and is just a great person, and someone that I trust. I heard Jenny was a Hypnotherapist and thought maybe she could help me break this bad habit. I called her and explained my problem. We scheduled an appointment where we talked for a few minutes and she explained the hypnosis process to me. She then asked me several questions, walked me through a few “suggestibility tests”, then explained the process again before confirming if I wanted to be hypnotized. The process lasted about 30 minutes. I came out of the experience extremely relaxed and most importantly no longer biting on the inside of my cheek!  I cannot thank Jenny enough. Next, I am hoping she can help me with my golf game.

–Tim McDonald


A Last Resort – Test Anxiety
Bonnie Slykhuis has made a huge impact in my life using her hypnosis services. After being unsuccessful taking my nursing boards, I was recommended to her by my nursing instructor to help cope with my test anxiety. I was a little leery walking into her office the first time, but only because I thought that hypnosis was silly and something you only did at proms and bars, or used to quit smoking, and used to get over fears of certain things. I was completely blown away with how she explained that hypnosis is SO MUCH MORE!  She taught me how to train my mind into a state of relaxation, allowing my subconscious mind to process and perform the tasks I needed to do well on.

I was determined to pass the exam I was preparing for, so I listened to the CD Bonnie told me to listen to and did the exercises she had suggested for me 5 times out of 7 days a week. The deeper I allowed myself to go into hypnosis, which sometimes was more difficult than others, allowed for me to feel more comfortable and secure when I practiced answering test questions. By taking 2 minutes to take a few deep breaths when I got overwhelmed, my mind was able to search and process the information I needed to be successful with each question I answered. All which I learned from Bonnie’s CD.

Test day came and went, and when I got my results I had PASSED the exam. I now believe that hypnosis is much more than most people see it out to be. Give it a chance, I did and it changed my life.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn and utilize hypnosis. I still to this day use the skills I learned from her services to help get me through stressful times. I would recommend Bonnie without hesitation to anyone needing the services she provides. She is truly amazing and is willing to do anything to help you succeed.

–Madison DeSart, RN

Hypnosis Cured My Uncontrollable Fear of Flying
I enjoy planning trips but I’ve always dreaded flying. My severe anxiety about flying would typically start with nightmares at least two weeks before a flight and continue to build. Twenty-four hours before a flight I wouldn’t eat to avoid getting sick. On the plane I would be a nervous wreck, acutely aware of every second, the people, the sounds, the movement, and oh yes the turbulence. I could sleep, eat, read, or relax. Takeoffs, landings and any amount of turbulence would immediately send me into severe anxiety. I would drive my family and the flight attendants crazy with my nervous antics.
A week before a family vacation to Disney World, and already having nightmares, I approached Bonnie about trying hypnosis. Never in a million years did I expect the results I got! With just one session I felt undeniable relaxed and at ease about the trip. My nightmares were gone and I could easily talk about the flight without feeling anxious or nervous. In short, our flights and trip went great. I had no issues! My daughters said, “Mom that was the calmest we have ever seen you on a flight.”
My husband joked, “You didn’t even drive the flight attendants crazy by asking them a million questions!” (Something I tended to do in an attempt to ease my fears). All those things I could do before (sleep, eat, relax, and read) I did!
To be able to get over a fear that I’ve had for so long was amazing. I will be forever grateful. I am so impressed with my results I have told multiple people about it. I would recommend anyone with phobias or other issues to consider hypnosis. I truly believe this one session has forever made my traveling experience a better one for myself and my family.
— Amanda Ramsey


Failing to Excelling
I found myself in term 5 failing nursing school & being very scared. Yes, nursing school is naturally hard but I was understanding the material but didn’t understand why I was doing so badly. I have always viewed myself as a poor test taker so it was easy to blame my poor exam scores on that, however, my friend sitting next to me in class (who also had been doing poorly) had just been to see Bonnie for hypnosis & scored a 90 on her exam! I was thrilled for her but I still needed to improve. So I too went to Bonnie & now here I am able to tell you that I went from failing 3 exams to passing my final nursing exam with a 90%!!!  I was skeptical at first but was willing to do anything to pass & I did! I cannot thank Bonnie enough & I highly recommend trying (& repeatedly trying) hypnosis. 

-Kathryn Taylor