Comedy Hypnosis

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Liven up any event with a comedy hypnosis show! This form of hypnosis provides entertainment for a crowd of people by creating an interactive performance experience in which volunteers from the crowd come up on stage and are hypnotized and led through a series of skits and scenarios.

Someone who is hypnotized will follow instructions in an uncritical, automatic fashion, and attends closely to the aspects of the environment made relevant by the hypnotist. The subject may hear, see, feel, smell, and even taste in accordance with the suggestions given by the hypnotist, regardless of the actual environmental stimuli that the hypnotized person is experiencing. This is what makes hypnosis stage shows so entertaining: no matter how loud the audience is laughing and applauding, the hypnotized volunteers continue to react only the suggestions given to them by the hypnotists.

Our hypnotists tailor the content of each show to the audience and venue, so it’s guaranteed to get you laughing and keep the fun going all performance long.

Book H3 Hypnosis to perform at:

  • After Prom Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Community Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Holiday Parties
  • Fundraisers
  • Graduation Parties
  • Reunions
  • School Assemblies

Overview of the Comedy Show

Showtimes generally run between 60-90 minutes.

  • Meet the hypnotist(s)
  • An introduction to what hypnosis is and how it works, and expectations for the show
  • Suggestibility testing to build excitement in the audience and help hypnotists find the best show candidates
  • Call for 10-20 volunteers to come to the stage
  • Hypnotic induction of the volunteers
  • The performance: group and individual skits, which are highly entertaining and never embarrassing the participants or the audience
  • Participants are brought out of hypnosis and given comical post-hypnotic suggestions and motivational messages
  • Closing remarks and educational messages

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Check out some of our highlights!


We had H3 Comedy Hypnosis for our Monday Evening Banquet, during the Iowa Pupil Transportation Association Conference and Trade Show. The evening entertainment included a H3 Comedy Hypnosis program that kept the audience on the edge of their seat smiling and laughing. H3 has a very enjoyable program and they even tailored it a little to school bus drivers. We would highly recommend them for all types of company events. Thank you to everyone at H3!

Chris Darling

“H3 Hypnosis provides a very entertaining and unique experience. The performers possess a great deal of charm and are clever and comedic. Their shows are thoroughly entertaining!” — Daniel Madison

“H3 Hypnosis conducted an event for our organization at a company-wide meeting, and it was amazing!  Our follow-up surveys showed that attendees rated it as the number one event of the day.  All of our employees – newer members as well as more senior, both men and women, millennials and those nearing retirement –  really enjoyed participating and laughing alongside their colleagues.  We asked H3 Hypnosis to incorporate a business theme of Continuous Improvement into their skits, which was done masterfully.  We were able to get a message across, all while laughing until our sides hurt – thanks H3 Hypnosis!”
–Dan Clark, Director, Iowa Prison Industries

“H3 put on a great show for our work Christmas party. We were laughing so hard we were crying! I would highly recommend hiring H3 for your next corporate party!!” –Michelle Ternes

“This was hands down the BEST show I’ve ever seen! They managed to keep 20 kids under the entire time and kept the audience laughing the whole time. Good clean fun had by all at the East Union After Prom! I would highly recommend these guys! Absolutely AMAZING!”

Jason & Amy Goodridge

“Hands down the best hypnotist show I’ve ever seen! If you’re looking for something to keep you laughing the entire night, this is it. Just some good, wholesome entertainment. Book them now!!” –Anna Collins

“Best night ever! Our office loved it. I recommend H3 highly!!! So much fun and hysterical!!!! RE/MAX REVOLUTION Pleasant Hill, Iowa.” –Stacey Carpenter

“They were great! We had a wonderful time at our [birthday] party!! I would highly recommend them for any age group party!” —Erica Groom

We all had a blast.  The hypnosis show was great!” —Marcella Short

“Best hypnotist show I have ever seen! We have been to many after prom events and this group was the best! They managed to hypnotize 20 kids and keep them under the whole time and they were clean and funny! This was the highlight of our after-prom!” –Laura Barker Walter

It was crazy and lots of fun!”–Judy Cook

“I didn’t have any expectations but was pleasantly surprised. You had the kids doing funny things without letting it get out of control. It was our first annual gathering at Springbrook Park and it made the night even better! I would definitely recommend you to others”. —Mary Smith

“The hypnosis was so hilarious! I laughed til I hurt!  We all can’t wait to come back!”

Teresa Dixon

“The show was great and I enjoyed an evening with old friends. Can’t wait to go again.” –Sandy Vickroy

The show was for my husband’s 60 birthday.  The hypnotists had adjusted the show to fit the volunteers and even hypnotized people in the audience. They paid particular attention to safety and ensured the skits were in good humor.  They adapted well to situations and were able to make split second decisions to help guide the direction of the show.  I would highly recommend [H3] for any event or any age. I wasn’t sure that all our friends thought it was a good idea to have a hypnotist at the birthday party, but I can assure you, after it was over, that is all they talked about for days.  And months later, we still tell stories about that awesome night!  We will definitely have Bonnie and Jenny come to our next event.”  –Barb Meeker

“It was a really fun and welcoming environment. The show was an absolute blast!” —Robyn Michalec

Very delightful outing with good friends and fun entertainment.” Peggy Moffitt

“I attended two H3 hypnosis session, hosted at Drake University. Throughout the sessions, the safety of the participants was a clear priority. It was also fun and funny to both watch and participate.” –Alex Jenson

“An excellent experience that not just captivated the audience’s attention, but kept us involved, by not being scared to bring the show to the audience and keep us engaged. I walked away from the show with fond memories of my high school friends goofing around having fun, and a newly found drive to try new things and be willing to let go of the wheel everyone once and a while and see what kind of adventures I might have.” —Jeremiah Dilliner

“I had a fantastic time being hypnotized by you guys. You made it fun, you involved everyone, and I would definitely go to you again!” —James Elliott

“I was a hypnosis skeptic until I saw what they could do. Super entertaining to watch!”

Sarah Croteau

“They were amazing with our East Union kids at after Prom. They started with 20 kids and only one didn’t stay under. It was so funny. They are very reasonable on price. They even donated some money back to our school. I was very impressed. The kids loved them!!!” –Rosie Hull Miller

“The show was absolutely fantastic, flawless!” –Xavier Wilkening

“It was an incredible time, and can’t wait to see them again!” –Trent Walraven