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We are partnering with the
Slykhuis Twilight Tearoom
to offer 4 hour retreats in Williamson, IA this fall.

Healing And Intuitive Retreat  Invite your loved ones in spirit to join us as we enjoy a delicious lunch before learning what intuition is, different intuitive types, ways to develop your intuitive abilities to recognize and receive signs and messages from loved ones. Learn about pendulums and other validation tools. We invite people to share experiences.

 Hypnosis Retreat And Show 
This is a 4 hour retreat that begins with a delicious dinner at the Slykhuis Twilight Tearoom. Learn the brief history of the Historic Williamson School (where the tearoom is located) before learning about the healing power of hypnosis. We will explain how hypnosis works in using a person’s own ability to heal the body, change behaviors, overcome fears, and much more. We will demonstrate techniques for self-hypnosis by leading the group through a guided hypnosis/meditation session entitled ‘The Inner Healer’ and end with a hypnosis show (show requires a minimum of 15 registrants). Registration is $50 (includes meal).

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